How to Fix “Can’t mount /sdcard/” Error on Android Devices

How to Fix “Can’t mount /sdcard/”

Error on Android Devices

Sometimes many of you encounter this error and you don’t know what to do.

Searching the net you found that you must Format your SD card to FAT32, exFAT or NTFS in order to mount it successfully.

Did it worked ?????

Here i will show you another way to solve this issue….

  • Pull out your phone’s SD card.
  • Put in another phone.
  • Power up the phone that has your SD.
  • It will ask you to format the card (again), this time in the phone.
  • Format the card into the phone.
  • Power off the phone when it completes the format.
  • Now put the card back to your phone.
  • Power it up and voilà…..

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Formating an SD card in another phone and not only on a PC differs cause when

you do this operation in a phone there are folders created (such as Lost.Dir) which

enables the directory index of the card.


One response to “How to Fix “Can’t mount /sdcard/” Error on Android Devices

  1. Oh yeah, i finally did it. I formated my card after rooting my phone and couldnt make it work. Reformating using another phone solves the problem.
    Its true there are hidden folders. Thank you

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