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what is

Father.IO is the world’s first real-life, massive multiplayer, first person shooter. Experience the adrenaline, tactics and strategies of gaming in your everyday life. Combining real time geo-localized strategy & first person shooter battles, Father.IO brings a virtual world into your backyard.

Plug the INCEPTOR into your phone and the battle begins.

Check out how many people are playing Father.IO, in less than one month of our closed beta. Our community is amazing!


This map represents the TOP cities where the Inceptor has been sold around the globe. globe

This map represents the area claimed by our beta tester around the globe.

Play with the interactive map that displays the TOP cities of Inceptor sales and see where people are playing Father.IO beta – around the world and near you. inceptor

The Inceptor is the first ever connected, portable, smartphone hardware created explicitly for gaming.

We’ve reduced professional outdoor laser tag equipment to the size of a keychain.

Attach the Inceptor to your phone and start shooting – up to 50 meters away – with a precise and well-collimated hitbox. Our hardware has been tested with hundreds of gamers and pro-gamers.


Attach the Inceptor to your phone and start shooting….


We’ve implemented 6 highly sensitive, infrared receiving sensors, allowing Father.IO to offer unmatched, full gaming immersion. The inceptor sensors offer wide angles of reception (almost 90º), both horizontally and vertically, so a shot can be detected from any direction or angle around your Inceptor.

Inceptor sensors

With local broadcasting, lag times and bandwidth usage are reduced to a minimum.

With an RTT of only 100ms, it  feels like you are playing against an online server having just 30 to 50 ms of latency. server

The Inceptor works with all iOS phones & Android with Bluetooth Low Energy. Windows phone is available as a social stretch goal mission. Inceptor Specs game modes


Create local indoor/outdoor battle instances, challenging nearby players equipped with the Inceptor to a team or free-for-all deathmatch. Additional game modes, such as capture the flag, are available as stretch goals.

tap to play

With Quick Match, you’ll be able to have quick one-on-one, two-on-two or small group laser-tag matches. All of the fun, no strategy required


The Planet is your Playground:

Claim new territories for your faction and expand Areas as you level up. Claim resources by interacting with over 12,000,000 real-world locations thanks to the data from OpenStreetMap. Utilize schools, businesses, grocery stores, parks, banks, retail stores and more! Steal resources from enemies to strengthen your faction. Use resources to purchase weapons, ammo and gadgets, or to invest in Area infrastructures. You can even build virtual structures! world

Real world buildings have an impact on the gameplay. Control an Area with a university to give yourself a research boost. A pharmacy or hospital in your Area results in faster recuperation. Claim an Area with a bank to securely store resources. real world interaction

Right Now: Our full app is still in development. In the meantime, you can download the Father.IO Tactical Map BETA prototype.

Android: Download BETA by clicking the below button- downloads are unlimited!

iOS: iOS limits BETA downloads to 2,000 users. To request iOS access, click the button below and add your information to the sign-up form. If there is a spot available, we will be in touch with iOS Father.IO Tactical Map BETA download instructions.

These BETA options offer limited functionality- you’re acting as our testers! Please provide your feedback here.


Francesco Ferrazzino – CEO & Founder
Serial entrepreneur, (growth) hacker, digital strategist, full stack engineer. Coded first videogame at age 11.
Zulay Barrero – CXO & Co-Founder
Industrial designer. UX & Interface designer for Web & Mobile Applications, games and educational software.
Tarun Garg – CTO
Backend and Frontend Ninja. Previously VP of product of and engineer at UrbanClap.
Jari Ognibeni – CFO
Investment Manager focused on startups and technology sector. Promoter and connector. Founder & CEO of Industrio, the first italian hardware startup accelerator.

Herman Tulleken – Senior Game Developer Jonathan Bailey – Producer & Game Developer
Richie Mason – Visual 3D Artist & Character Designer Adam Burn – Lead 2D Artist
Ilya Suzdalnitski – VFX & Shaders Kris Thaler – Armament Consulting
Giuseppe Enrico Franchi – Game Designer Stefano Iorino – Hardware Project Manager
Daniele Pesaresi – Product Designer

Find out more here:



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