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When Mega Limited was launched, over 100,000 users signed up within the first hour. Within the first day, there were a reported 1 million users with an average of 60 uploads being completed each second. At the end of the first three days, Dotcom announced they were successfully transferring over 500 uploads per second.

Despite its seemingly overnight success, there were issues with the service in early days of usage. Slow upload speeds and login problems plagued new users. However, those issues have reportedly been resolved. Although some consumers still have speed issues, which could be due to the amount of files being transferred at one time.

Today, Mega has over 15 million registered users with an average of 350 gigabytes of bandwidth used. The service has also recently announced a secure chat add-on known as Mega Chat, a rival of the popular Skype. This offering is reportedly completely secure and allows users to talk via the computer without fear of outsiders eavesdropping on their conversations.



Mega is an acronym and stands for : “MEGA Encrypted Global Access

When we launched MEGA early 2013, global mass surveillance by rogue governments under the pretext of fighting terrorism was still a wild conjecture and its proponents were often touted as conspiracy theorists. Edward Snowden’s revelations 137 days later fundamentally changed public attitudes and it became excruciatingly clear that security by policy (“we have access to your data, but we promise to keep it confidential and not misuse it”) had not been good enough. Anything short of security by design (“we cannot gain access to your data without you being able to find out”), for which strong end-to-end encryption is an essential prerequisite, now seems grossly insufficient.

MEGA was architected around the simple fact that cryptography, for it to be accepted and used, must not interfere with usability. MEGA is fully accessible without prior software installs and remains the only cloud storage provider with browser-based high-performance end-to-end encryption. The only visible signs of the crypto layer operating under MEGA’s hood are the entropy collection during signup, the lack of a password reset feature and the novel (and browser-specific) ways file transfers are conducted. Today, millions of business and personal users rely on MEGA to securely and reliably store and serve petabytes of data and we believe that this success is the result of MEGA’s low barrier to entry to a more secure cloud.


  1. MEGA offers free 50GB of space when you create an account. I suppose its is way to far from the free dropbox or box accounts.
  2. It offers great speeds as users say, but I found out that you gain most of the speed when using the firefox extension.
  3. There is an Android, Windows & IOS app.
  4. All users files are encrypted and the best of all is that YOU and only YOU, have the encryption keys
  5. It says it supports live streaming with file sharing. I didn’t test that !!!!
  6. It is Thunderbird mail friendly of course.


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