Action Cam.. Really ???

Action Camera

Can this be the ultimate GoPro antagonist ?????

XiaoMi Yi

Xiaomi Yi 1400mAh battery


Xiaomi Yi action camera

This is a portable multi-functional sports DV, it can capture clear picture and shoot full HD 1080P videos. Durable design makes it more suitable for outdoor extreme risk. It supports 64GB SD card as the saving equipment. With easy to use and high performance, it is really a wonderful action camcorder for you.

Comments from Dashcamtalk:
this camera is the first action camera released by the Chinese electronics manufacturer Xiaomi Inc., the third largest smartphone maker in the world. This camera has loop recording but auto start / stop has not been implemented yet.

The specifications of this camera are very impressive.  It uses an Ambarella A7LS Processor and Sony Exmor R IMX206 CMOS sensor which allows it to record 1080p at 60fps.  It also comes with WiFi.   At launch, this camera is selling for under $90, a very low price given the specification (initial reports indicated that this will sell at $65 but we have not seen it at this price).  In comparison, the SJ5000 Plus is using the same processor and a Panasonic CMOS sensor but has a selling price of $170 (but includes accessories).  The Xiaomi Yi is likely the most affordable 1080p 60fps camera available today.

The camera has very good picture quality during the day and good quality at night.  While not as good as the GoPro HERO4 cameras, many owners indicate video quality of the Yi is better than the GoPro HERO3 cameras.  The bit rate for firmware 1.0 is 12Mbps when recording at 1080p 30fps and 23 Mbps when recording at 1080p 60fps !!!

This camera does not come with a screen, G-sensor or GPS.  Even though the camera is light weight, build quality is quite good.  Based on the form factor, it is obvious that Xiaomi is targeting the GoPro market directly.  However the dimensions are slightly different at 60.4 x 42 x 21.2 mm which means the GoPro housing / protective case does not fit.  Other GoPro mounts and accessories should work with the camera.

Android App download here:
iOS App download here:
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