Android Tips 2016 (rooted or not)

How To Play Your Favorite PC Games On Your Smartphone

In this you will not exactly having the game files on your android, you will just need a app that will mirror your Laptop game screen on your android and then the game control. Your android will work as a remote controller for the game with game screen on it and with this you can enjoy the game on your android. So follow up the below steps to proceed.

Features Of Remotr Game Streaming App:

  • Play your computer games from your Android device,
  • Enjoy awesome game performance,
  • Customize and configure controls,
  • Connect multiple devices at the same time,
  • Use accelerometer to control your games,
  • Use Bluetooth or OTG gamepad, keyboard or mouse,
  • Enjoy full Xbox controller emulation on Windows,
  • Play local co-op games with your friends using only smartphones/tablets.

Steps To Setup Remotr Game Streaming App To Play PC Games:

1. First of all you need to have Remotr app to be installed on your PC and that you can get from HERE.

2. After downloading the app you just need to create account for the app with your valid details.

3. Now you need to have
Remotr App App to be installed on your Android
Remotr App to be installed on your iPhone.

4. After installing the app in your android login with the same account of your PC.

5. Now when your devices are connected on same login network then you will see your PC address there, simply tap on it.App 2

6. Now you need to select the games that you want to play on your android.App 3

7. Now on the next screen you will be setting up the controls for it to play the game.

8. Thats it you are done, now you will be playing your favorite PC game on your android.

Remotr App for Window 10


  • Remotr Screenshot
  • Remotr Screenshot
  • Remotr Screenshot


How To Play PSP Games On Android

There is nothing required except a cool emulator app that allow you to run PSP games on your android device. And using that app you can install game over it and easily play that game in your android device. So have a look on complete guide below.

Some games that work (not all will run full speed on all devices):

1. Persona 2, Persona 3 Portable
2. Dragon Ball Z
3. Little Big Planet
4. Burnout Legends, Burnout Dominator
5. Final Fantasy : Crisis Core
6. Final Fantasy : Type-0
7. Monster Hunter 2 Unite and 3: HD Remake
8. Soul Calibur
9. Tekken: Dark Resurrection and Tekken 6
10. Grand Theft Auto LCS / VCS
11. Lumines
12. Worms
13. Wipeout
and many more…

Steps To Use PPSSPP – PSP emulator To Run PSP Games:

1. First of all you need to install PPSSPP – PSP emulator app in your android device.

2. Now you need to get the ISO file of the game that you want to run in your android device.

3. Now  dump your own real PSP games and turn them into .ISO or .CSO files, or simply play free homebrew games, which are available online. Put those in /PSP/GAME on your SD card / USB storage and run using this app.PSP game on android1

4. You can download and run any game but that depends on your android capability that is your device RAM and graphics quality. So be specific while choosing out any game to run on your device.

5. Thats it you are done, now you have your favorite PSP games with you that can now run on your android with this cool emulator app.

The app version that we had discussed above supports ads on it but you can choose out the PPSSPP gold and can avoid that ads that come in between your game and you.



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